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Spencer's Early Morning Tour of Oxford (Private)
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Are you an early bird? Do you like to explore new places early in the morning, before the mob have had their breakfast? Well, this is the tour for you. For this private tour, we'll meet at 07:30 and have the city entirely to ourselves. The city of Oxford is commonly considered as being divided into two groups: the Town (local residents) and the Gown (students of the University). While I am certainly a ‘townie’, both my girlfriend and sister are studying doctorates at the University of Oxford. This gives me a unique perspective on both sides of the community and the city, and I will share it with you in a tour so entertaining and memorable that you will wish you lived here - or your money back!We’ll cover as much as we can in 90 minutes. If you wish to continue the tour, I’m happy to discuss extending it where possible. Please note that entry fees are not included, though they are not necessary for a fantastic tour.

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